May 20, 2024

News from Iraq

The U.S Army is planning to maintain present troop levels for at least 3-4 more years.  To me this indicates that they have little confidence in the Iraqis being able to take care of themselves in that timeframe.

It also means that the Army is going to have to convince a new batch of recruits that getting their asses shot off in the New Vietnam is a good idea.  Good luck with that.  But the bodies have to come from somewhere, don’t they?  Not even the Army can hold its reservists overseas for 4 years.

It has not failed to occur to me that if Hillary, the once and future POTUS, is forced to re-institute the draft a few years down the road, Mitch and Jake might be targets for Uncle Sam(antha)’s Press Gangs.  I’m not sure I can allow that to happen.  In that eventuality we may all have to spend the decade of 2010 “in cooler climes”.

Among the many things I don’t believe about Iraq is the new body count estimate provided by a British medical journal.  Seems like this an attempt to spin the numbers and further invigorate the anti-war movement.  No thanks, reality is bad enough.


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