July 18, 2024

England’s Veil Debate

There’s an interesting row going on in England about Muslim women’s head scarves and their effect on cross-cultural relations.

I don’t know beans about Mr. Straw, but I think it’s great for a pol to actually say something bold that he believes in.  Can you imagine a U.S. congressman with a voter base that’s 30% Hispanic saying he thinks that illegal immigration should be stopped?  Hah!

It’s not a clear-cut case of right and wrong but I happen to agree with Straw’s request.  Three reasons:

  1. In our societies, a veiled or masked face is a symbol of deceit much more than it is one of modesty
  2. When foreigners visit and/or emigrate to our countries they should do so with the intent of respecting our customs, even at the expense of their own, just as they would expect us to do in their lands
  3. His request was just that, a request, not a demand

Attempts to spin this issue into one of religious discrimination are off base.  Good job, Jack, for opening a dialogue.


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