May 28, 2024

Republicans Have Failed Our Trust

One always has to take the NY Times with a grain of salt, but the latest reports that Republican leaders in the House of Representatives knew about an improper relationship between Rep. Mark Foley and an underage male page has the stench of truth about it.

Now that they’ve been found out, Majority Leader John Boehner and House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert of Illinois now say that his resignation is not enough and that it “must now be followed by the full weight of the criminal justice system.”

Where was the outrage before?  None of the facts have changed.  But Foley’s seat is gone now, isn’t it, Dennis?

Naturally these are some of the same people who ramrodded the house version of the terror/detainee detention/torture bill through earlier in the week.

Is it any wonder that we don’t trust these guys with our Constitutional rights? 

Hastert and Boehner evidently preferred to keep a pedophiliac in the HoR rather than risk losing their precious majority.  What integrity.  What inspired trustworthiness.

“But you can trust us to look through your phone records, your Internet searches, and listen to your conversations.  You can trust us to only detain and tortute terrorists, not opposition politicians and writers,”  Republicans say.

What crap.  What I want to know is this:  Exactly how much of a stretch is it for the author of a blog like this one to suddenly be classified as “giving aid and comfort to the enemy”?

That depends on who’s doing the stretching.  I can’t believe what’s about to happen – the very thought of voting for a goddamn Democrat makes my balls clutch up – but there’s no use denying what has to be done.  I wasn’t brought up that way, even if Dennis Hastert was.


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