July 23, 2024

Hillary Lets Her Hair Down

Ben Smith quotes Hillary:

"I have so many opportunities for this country. I don’t want to see us all fall back," she said, her voice breaking in the last phrase.

"This is very personal for me," she said to supportive applause from the small gathering, at which she’d been discussing policy around a table for an hour. "It’s not just political, it’s not just public — I see what’s happening. We have to reverse it."

"Some people think elections are a game — it’s about who’s up and who’s down," she said. "It’s about our country’s future, it’s about our kids’ future — it’s really about all of us together."

"And some of us put ourselves out there and do this against some pretty difficult odds, and we do it each one of us because we care about our country," she said.
"Some of us are right and some of us are wrong. Some of us are ready and some of us are not. Some of us know what are going to do on day one, and some of us haven’t thought that through enough," she said.

"When we look at the array of problems that we have, and the potential for it really spinning out of control — this is one of the most important elections America’s ever faced," she concluded.

I love the statement about elections, politics, and polls being a game to some.  To far too many.  Personally I despise polls and the horse race mentality that surrounds them, to say nothing of how the media shapes both the data and the message conveyed by them. 

Good for you, Hillary.

There’s absolutely no question about it – if a Democrat must be elected president then it should be Hillary Clinton and not Barack Obama.

Thankfully, however, we have better choices than either.



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3 thoughts on “Hillary Lets Her Hair Down

  1. I’ve got a serious complaint with your blog! I was posting a comment and afterwards, scrolled to the top and saw:

    “Hillary Lets Her Hair Down”

    God………..I almost choked and gagged; the visual image, it was AWFUL; please, try to be more careful in your headlines, God,

    That’s terrible, I’ve gotta run for the commode. You’ve ruined my entire lunch!

  2. Glide, I’m dreadfully sorry, both for my thoughtless phrasing and the loss of your lunch. I’ll try not to let it happen again.

    I suppose that, coming as it does from a person fond of lobbing rather realistic-looking cockroaches over cubicle walls and onto the desks of co-workers known to be deathly afraid of them, my apology might not mean as much as it could…

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