April 12, 2024

Is the Times A-Changing?

The NY Times recently brought William Kristol onto its editorial pages and the uber-geniuses on the left fairly fell into heart palpitations at the news.

The hatred that liberals so often express against anything conservative is as visceral as it is vicious and the Kristol case is consistent with that kind of caustic commentary.

It’s certainly true that liberals regard the NY Times as their newspaper, just as they regard Fox News as the enemy.  The hiring of Kristol, who is despised by the libs for his positions on Iraq and his relationship with the neo-conservative movement that lead America there, must be seen as a sign that things are changing there.

More than that, however, is the fact that the left does not want the Times’ weight and reputation put behind the words of a conservative writer of any kind, let alone Kristol. 

Liberals do not want people to read or hear conservative points of view.  But if it must be done, let it be through AM talk radio or Fox News, sources that they’ve already lined up against with their buckets of pitch and paint brushes to paint the content of these news sources as inherently biased.

How much more revolting must it be for liberals to see conservative commentary like Kristol’s latest in the Times?

It’s easy to see why.  The left has so much to lose in the unlikely-but-suddenly-more-possible scenario that fair, unbiased reporting becomes the standard at the Times.  Should that happen we can undoubtedly look forward to more excellent pieces like this editorial in which the Times exposes the distended, pork-laden belly of one of the liberal left’s own, Representative John Murtha.


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