April 24, 2024

The Nature of the Islamic Enemy

Who are our troops fighting in Iraq?  Men who are little more than rabid dogs, judging from their recent “activities”.

As I’ve said before and as David B. stated in a comment last week, the issue isn’t whether how this scum should be dealt with – there is only one way – it’s the fact that the common Iraqi isn’t sure who he hates more, us or them.  Until that changes, our progress in Iraq will be limited.

The one thing in our favor is that the killers’ disgusting acts reveal their nature – to those that care to think.  One would assume that would tend to weigh the scales of Iraqi judgment in our favor.  But they could just as equally blame the U.S. for the whole mess.

The Houston Chronicle ran a letter from an Iraqi citizen in its Sunday Outlook section (sadly this doesn’t seem to be available for reference on-line) that was quite revealing.  In essence, his view was that he wasn’t going to get between the U.S. and the terrorists – this was America’s battle, not his.  To the extent that his view predominates, we’re fighting uphill.


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