May 21, 2024

Female Suicide Bombers "Mentally Impaired"

Leave the word female out of the title and you have a truism that every person who has the least bit of love for their life – or someone else’s – should be able to agree on.

The AFP:

Explosives strapped to two mentally impaired women were triggered by remote control in co-ordinated attacks that devastated two Baghdad pet markets on Friday and killed at least 64 people, an Iraqi official said.

"Both women were mentally impaired, they were wearing belts containing 15 kilogrammes (33 pounds) of explosives," said Major General Qasim Ata, spokesman for the Baghdad security plan.

The bomb carriers themselves may or may not have been suffered from diminished capacity – who knows?

But the term certainly fits the evil – no other word is sufficient – men who wake up each and every morning with the purpose of contriving, with malice, to brainwash their followers into exactly this sort of act.

The phrase mentally impaired describes them well, as does sick, for the disease they suffer from is spreading, and even democracies seem to be catching it.

Lieutenant Colonel Steve Stover says it best:

"By targeting innocent Iraqis, they show their true demonic character."

Right on.


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