July 18, 2024

Free Speech on Campus

Do you think America’s campuses are places where young people are encouraged to think hard thoughts and engage in challenging debates with their peers? Think again.

Follow Jason Steck’s link to John Leo’s essay exposing our universities for what they are: intellectual frauds.

Update, 2/9/2007

It didn’t take long to find another institution of higher education “cracking down” on students’ rights to express themselves.

Long Island University has fired five students from their positions as resident assistants at the C.W. post campus after they posted a fake hostage video on the Internet with the pretend hostage takers speaking in Middle Eastern accents.

The hostage?

…a rubber duck named ‘Pete’ that serves as the mascot of a residence hall at the campus…

The reason?

“At C.W. Post, we take seriously our obligation to create a campus environment that is free of prejudice and intolerance,” [university Provost Joseph] Shenker said in the statement sent to FOXNews.com. “We do not condone any behaviors that demean the dignity of individuals or groups of people. We don’t find anything about terrorism and hostage-taking to be humorous. We insist on a campus where respect for others is demonstrated at all times.”

It’s strange. I don’t remember anywhere in the Constitution where it says that Americans or visitors here have the right not to be offended by others’ freedom of speech. Not having seen the video I can’t comment specifically on this case; however, Mr. Leo’s essay amply demonstrates a widespread over-sensitivity on the part of campus administrators who seem to have forgotten that disagreement is a fundamental part of our way of life.


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