May 29, 2024

Rudy – Could He Be “The Man”?

The truth is that I don’t know much about Rudy  Guilani.  He’s  known for being mayor of New York City and my world could  hardly be more different than his.  After all, there’s no comparison between the Big  Apple and rural Texas.  But today ‘s interview  with Larry King showed me something – a man with the sense of what’s needed to run a country in a civilized fashion.

Prime quotes:

  • Speaking of Iraq:  “I’m not confident it’s all going to turn around.”  And:  “I’m confident that we have to try to make a turnaround, and we just can’t walk out, and that it is critical to us that things get to the point in Iraq that we have some degree of stability and not the way they are now.  Because if we leave it the way it is now and we run out, then we’re going to face further difficulties in the future.”
  • On abortion:  “I am pro-choice, yes,” he said. “But I’m also, as you know, always have been, against abortion — hate abortion, don’t like it, wouldn’t personally advise anyone to have an abortion. But I believe a woman has a right to choose, and you can’t have criminal penalties… I think that would be wrong.”
  • On gay rights: “Gays should be protected. … But the way I’m portrayed by my opponents — and I guess to drive people away from me — is that I’m in favor of gay marriage. I am not.”  However, Giuliani said he does favor domestic-partnership laws for gay and lesbian couples.

One issue not addressed in the article quoted above is that of immigration.  My sense is that, given Rudy’s common-sense approach to the issues discussed previously, he would have a reasonable position regarding law enforcement and guest worker status.

If so Republicans may have found a worthwhile candidate they can rally behind.  They damn sure need one.


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