May 30, 2024

Why Barack Obama will be President

Hillary Clinton has received the votes of approximately 48% of the popular vote thus far in the Democratic primary, some 1% less than Barack Obama.  She has a lot support, some of it very intensely felt – to the point that some of her supporters say that they’ll vote for John McCain instead of Obama, should his nomination come to pass.

Despite the left’s fears, that’s not going to happen and Kyle Moore (no relation) knows why.

…though I have supported Obama in his presidential run for about a year and a half now, here, in the clarity of the closing of the Democratic primaries, I have the clarity to see that I would gladly vote for him or Clinton in the fall.

This because there is absolutely nothing in McCain’s existence as a potential president that I think I could value.

This is the clarity that has been afforded me once I began to let go of the anger that this emotional primary season has brought me…

Last year many, even most, of Hillary Clinton’s supporters were dead-certain that their candidate was a lock to win the nomination and the presidency.  Obama’s "fairy tale" run, to paraphrase Bill C., has shocked them, many of them women, destroyed that certainty, and left them feeling disenfranchised.

But most of them will recover and realize that what Kyle says is right:  their views would be better represented by Barack Obama than by John McCain.

This realization, I fear, will be to the detriment of the nation, particularly as relates to matters of international security and domestic finance.  But I am fairly well convinced that it will happen, once Hillary’s supporters finish grieving.


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