May 28, 2024

Bob Barr. Who?

Marc Ambinder has Russ Verney’s first major statement as the campaign manager for Bob Barr here.  According to Doug Bandow, Barr’s senior policy advisor:

Congressman Barr is poised to have a huge impact on the public policy debates and political history. His will be no ordinary presidential campaign.


…consider this outline :

early October: 7% in national surveys
Mid October: wins televised Presidential debate
late October: 12% in national surveys
election day: captures 19% of national vote

That’s what happened in a previous election I was involved with: Ross Perot in 1992. That could have been the case with Ron Paul if he had opted to run on a third party ticket.

Perhaps, although I doubt that any amount of money and air-time would have boosted a Paul candidacy near 20% of the popular vote. 

As for Mr. Barr’s, who exactly is he?? 

I think it would be great for 3rd party candidate to mix things up with McCain and Obama, but I don’t see any of them getting 5%, let alone 20.


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