June 17, 2024

Illegal Immigration = Identity Theft?

Dave Navarrette wonders why La Migra is spinning their daring raid on several chicken plants as “a crackdown on identity theft“.  I don’t think this is any mystery:  it’s because the other branches of the government and a certain political party that benefits from illegal immigration don’t care about the root crime itself.  Immigration is simply framing their actions in a poltically favorable light.  What’s wrong with that?

Plenty, actually, as Dave says:

Of course, if this were presented as an immigration crackdown, people might ask: Why were no charges filed against the employer — Swift & Co?

It’s cynical, and it’s the sort of thing that makes it hard to believe that Americans are serious about combating illegal immigration. How can we be if we don’t address the problem at its source?

That is, at the businesses who employ illegals.  Demand begets supply, as always.


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