April 24, 2024

Slow Posting Sabbatical

After a big run of posts last month I’ll be taking it easy for the next little while and not posting nearly as much.  Just needed to take some time and do other things.  To that end I had to sign off the PoliGazette team.  Why?  Because I found that I couldn’t "just blog a little".  Hopefully they’ll continue to do well.

So expect perhaps one post per week here, just to keep the pump primed, while I put in extra time on the day job this month and try to power through the second draft on my book the rest of the summer.

Looking toward the future, I’m fully expecting to have a lot to write about in 2009 once Barack Obama becomes president.  As the 1990s made the 1960s look like the 50s, Mr. Obama is likely to have us looking back on the inflation-filled reign of Jimmy Carter with the sort of cockeyed nostalgia that’s reserved for happier, more carefree times.


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