May 20, 2024

Proper Crime Reporting

The city of College Station, Texas knows how to properly report a crime – with a full description of the event and the suspect:

On July 09, 2008 at approximately 1654 hours, Officers from the College Station Police Department were dispatched to the intersection of the Highway 6 and William D Fitch for an aggravated robbery that just occurred.

The victim told police dispatchers that he was in his vehicle near the intersection of Highway 6 and William D. Fitch, when he was approached by a black male who threatened him with a handgun. The victim later stated that the male was standing in the middle of the roadway, pointing the weapon at him as he drove toward him. The male attempted to get into the victim’s vehicle by pulling on the driver’s door handle as the victim slowed down. The door was locked and the victim was able to drive off and call police.

College Station Police arrived and quickly located a black male matching the description given by the victim near the crime scene. He was taken into custody by an officer without incident. The male was armed with a weapon that was identified as a BB gun.

Excellent work – city officials deserve to be congratulated on having served the public good.

Big-city newspapers like the Houston Chronicle, among others, that refuse to provide a complete description of the suspect that includes race and ethnicity, fail in their responsibility to do likewise.

Thanks to J. H. for the tip.


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