June 18, 2024

Liberal Field Day

John Cole says that John McCain is a coward.  Cowardly for not rubbing Barack Obama’s relationship with Weather Underground terrorist and neo-educational guru Bill Ayers in the American’s people’s face on Tuesday. 

If not wanting to blow whatever chance he had left at winning this election is cowardice then perhaps Cole – keyboard commando extraordinaire – is right.  Some might call it strategy, but only the Chosen One is capable of such divine action, it seems, just as Mr. Obama, with his whopping 2 years of national service, is somehow uniquely qualified to be president of this country.

Ironically, McCain might well have been better advised to let Obama have it with the Ayers haymaker – his electoral chances are nil now and the Ayers facts that the libs magically transform into smears just aren’t interesting to voters.  Even Joe Biden says so – so you know that it must be true.

The true tragedy of Barack Obama’s ascension to the position of POTUS has nothing to do with the man himself.  Despite his lack of depth, Obama could very well be, in other times, be a passably decent president.

But with a Democratic Congress and a pack of liberal Neanderthal’s howling outside the White House it seems likely that the most undeserving Americans – the John Cole’s, the Nancy Pelosi’s, the Harry Reid’s, the Michael Moore’s, to name a few – will have undeserved influence over American society and American policy.  That, more than anything else, is why Barack Obama should not be elected president.

Nevertheless, it’s going to happen.

Therefore, I’ll gladly tip my hat to the man and eat my words if Obama, once elected, tells the liberal left to go fly a kite and governs from the center as he’s promised to do.

God, let it be so!


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