April 23, 2024

Rights and Privileges

What are our rights as Americans?  Bill Whittle knows.  With reference to health care, Bill writes:

…back in the day, we would simply say that a right has legal authority — it’s in the Constitution and therefore it’s a not just a right, it’s a birthright.

Health care is a privilege of being born in a place and time where it exists, first and foremost.  Second, since it’s not a Constitutionally guaranteed right, health care must be obtained just as all other goods and services are obtained – through legal use of the marketplace. 


Constitutional rights protect us from things: intimidation, illegal search and seizure, self-incrimination, and so on. The revolutionary idea of our Founding Fathers was that people had a God-given right to live as they saw fit. Our constitutional rights protect us from the power of government.

But these new so-called “rights” are about the government — who the Founders saw as the enemy — giving us things: food, health care, education… And when we have a right to be given stuff that previously we had to work for, then there is no reason — none — to go and work for them. The goody bag has no bottom, except bankruptcy and ruin.

It’s been said that democracy works until the people figure out that they can create laws that give them that they haven’t earned and, frequently, other people have. 

A vote for Barack Obama, the liberal left’s candidate of choice, is, according to that standard, a vote against democracy.  Does that matter to anyone anymore?  It seems not; change is all that the majority wants, whither to they know not.


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