June 18, 2024

Pro-Life in the Obama Era

One social issue American liberals no doubt hope to push back on in the aftermath of Barack Obama’s election is that of abortion.  While I’m hopeful that the new president will refrain from pursuing a radical abortion agenda, many pro-life causes must be feeling nervous about their missions’ future right about now. 

In this post, Kathleen McKinley briefly describes some of the worthy organizations she’s worked with in support of the most innocent of human lives.  Well worth the quick read and our support.


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6 thoughts on “Pro-Life in the Obama Era

  1. Andy, the truth is that the U.S. can’t even deal with its own internal problems, let alone solve those of the world. Read my post about I.O.U.S.A and then talk to me about the world at large.

    And yes, cutting down on abortions performed here at home would be quite pro-life.

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