February 6, 2023

Pro-Life in the Obama Era

One social issue American liberals no doubt hope to push back on in the aftermath of Barack Obama’s election is that of abortion.  While I’m hopeful that the new president will refrain from pursuing a radical abortion agenda, many pro-life causes must be feeling nervous about their missions’ future right about now. 

In this post, Kathleen McKinley briefly describes some of the worthy organizations she’s worked with in support of the most innocent of human lives.  Well worth the quick read and our support.


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6 thoughts on “Pro-Life in the Obama Era

  1. What is more “pro-life” than saving the 30,000 humans who starve to death and die in extreme poverty every day? In a world of plenty. While we gladly allocate hundreds of billions to Wall Street and the corporate elite.

    The WORLD HAS HAD ENOUGH of hunger, injustice, war, terrorism, and unrest.

    For those in Houston, Tx, You are all invited to a free presentation, a truly unique message of hope for the fure:

    A World Teacher is about to step forward publicly and speak to all humanity, to urge us to move forward into a new era of peace based on justice, cooperation, and freedom from fear and tyranny.

    “The Time of Change has Come”
    Nov 15 – Houston Heights Library


  2. The Final Message or “Messiah” will be spoken through all the “tribal” languages and laws, from Christianity to Buddhism, Islam and Constitutional laws. The coming of the “Maitreya” will coincide with the “spirit of truth” that precedes the return of “Christ Jesus” or “Restorative Justice” and the “Holy Spirit” or the healing of all humanity. So these concepts are universal and not unique to just Buddhism or Christianity, though they will fulfill prophecies and teachings of both these and other traditions.

  3. “While I’m hopeful that the new president will refrain from pursuing a radical abortion agenda”. Quit wasting your time in “hope”. The pro-abortion forces have won the day; next you’ll be seeing drive-through abortion services, followed shortly by payment of abortion bonuses. It’s over.

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