April 24, 2024

Censored Pic

Since this picture of “Muhammed the Mad Bomber” by Kurt Westergaard seems to be disappearing from the Internet, at least in its original form, I thought I would keep it alive in a small way.


I suppose a clever denounciation of religious fanaticism would be in order as well, but no one who thinks that a drawing like this should be met with explosives would listen to anything as trivial as reason, so why bother?


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2 thoughts on “Censored Pic

  1. The big flap about this whole thing just shows me that the psychologists were probably correct. When the human physical needs are met, like no hungar or health issues, the human being turns more and more to phychologial needs – and we know thes can never, never be met. They can be influenced by clever governments and religious groups however. Maybe we should not oppose the A bomb for Iran and just get the inevitable overwith. There is way too much fear in the world and guess who takes advantage of this? Not the moderate right or left. How about Zealots? I think we have the answer. Now how do we turn the table on them?

    Bravo on publishing the picture!

  2. It is inevitable that the Ayatollah’s get the destructive power they crave. While the belief system that they foster is illogical in the extreme, they are not stupid or incapable people, any more than the Indians or Pakistanis are. Both of these countries have the A-bomb now and Iran won’t be far behind, regardless of America’s policies. They are too determined to fail at this Mission From God, to paraphrase the Blues Brothers.

    IMHO, there’s only one way to deal with these people in the long term: jam the truth down their throats. Their creed doesn’t make sense – time and information are on our side, not theirs, if we use them. More educated people and people with more education means less influence and authority for the mullahs of the world. They realize this, which is why their dogma emphasizes obedience rather than achievement, belief instead of knowledge.

    Ironically, the same forces are at work in our own country, albeit in a different form. Can we beam truth and justice into Iran and other countries if we’re not allowed to call a spade a spade at home?

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