May 21, 2024

The Greatest Killer of All

Jobsanger, the Texas Liberal’s guest writer, says that religion was what killed 300+ Muslims – and an uncounted number of Christians – in Nigeria over the weekend.  The Nigerian conflict has been going on for some time and is at its core, as Jobsanger says, a religious war.  Religions have been the source of fighting back to the beginnings of civilization.  Surely if we did away with religion the world would be a safer, happier place, right?

Even a casual student of history can tell you the answer to that question is a resounding, "No!".  While the absence of Islam from the world would do wonders for peace, love, and understanding between different cultures at the moment, it’s a horrible mistake to believe that religion is the root of what’s wrong with mankind.

One need look no farther than our Russian friends to see an example of the ultimate evil.  Communism is to-date the world’s greatest killer, whether measured in terms of murders committed in communist regimes, the number of souls destroyed, or in the sheer loss of human potential.

Absolute equality, the endgame of communism and watered-down derivatives like socialism and liberalism, can only be achieved when those who strive to achieve, excel, and soar above the ordinary and mundane are brought down to the level of the dullard, the bully, and the jack-booted thug.  This has been demonstrated in country after country around the globe.  Similarly, witness the abject failure of Islam to create civilized, prosperous societies for its adherents.

I have often written that Islam is a cruel, backwards religion and political system that must be opposed by all people of good conscience because of its fascist tendencies, hatred of democracy, denial of women’s rights, and its agenda of world domination.  I still believe that is true.

But if we’re going to have a real discussion about governmental philosophies then secularists are going to have to explain the genocides that ultra-secular communist and fascist governments administered during the 20th century.

Nations that have renounced God have a track record of being far more cruel and barbarous that even the worst Islamic hell hole in the Middle East.  Anyone remember the Killing Fields of Cambodia, as one example?

One possible exception to this rule is that of post-Nazi Europe.  Many European nations that were built on the foundation of Roman Catholic Christianity are now very secular, with numbers of self-reported Christians well below 50%.

Modern Europe is also a largely secular, pacifist society at the moment and serves as an inspiration to American liberals of how a secular, socialistic society should be ordered.

There’s only one small problem with Europe’s model: it’s dying.  Europeans, comfortable in their government-provided lifestyles, simply aren’t reproducing.  Birth rates are so low in Spain and Italy, for example, that populations will actually fall because not enough love is being made.  Europe is committing cultural suicide by not perpetuating its society to future generations.  Furthermore, they have gotten into the bad habit of supplementing the work force by importing Muslim immigrants by the millions.  These immigrants aren’t shy about reproducing their Islamic roots in Europe – they have more than twice as many children per capita as indigenous Europeans.  Net-net, modern, secular Europe is no model to follow, any more than Soviet or Nazi totalitarianism was.

Jobsanger says:

There are millions in America who would love to force others to accept their beliefs, even to the point of violence.

Really?  Where does this number come from?  None of the Christians I know in the United States have the slightest interest in forcing Jobsanger or anyone else to follow Jesus.  Don’t get me wrong – we’d like it if more people did accept Christ and we’d like American national morals to be improved upon using Jesus as a go-by.  But Jobsanger’s statement is unsubstantiated precisely because it is untrue.  There is no presently no threat whatsoever of religious civil war in this country.

Granted, that could change if America’s demographics shift to become more like those of Nigeria.  But that would say more about the predilection of followers of Islam to create conflict than those of the Christians who founded this country and have lived in an orderly, wealthy, peaceful American for more than 230 years, would it not?


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