May 30, 2024

Liberal’s Love

The Texas Rainmaker says that liberals all over America are showing their typical grace and genuine love for mankind by publicly proclaiming that they hope Supreme Court Justice John Roberts dies as a result of the seizure he suffered yesterday.

A couple of the choice ones TTR rounded up:

  • “Lets hope he is injured seriously. Chief Justice Roberts is a corupt right wing Bush lick ass criminal. Long after Bush is gone, Roberts will be helping destroy everything that is, or was once good about America.”
  • “I hope he is unable to return and further destroy our nation. He must have been in the shower trying to get the dirt off of himself. He must know that it is in too deep and will take more than a shower for him to come clean.”
  • There are 300 million screwed Americans… and I can no longer ellicit concerns for those whom have helped to abbrogate the constitution. I refuse to “wish him well” or pretend I hope for an early recovery. In my heart of hearts, I pray he dies slowly by an STD that he could have avoided by the condom use he felt it was wrong to advocate for American youth.I hope that tonight, John Roberts confronts his mortality, and then, weighing himself, finds himself as wanting as I do…

What class. What staggering intellect. What use of large words without understanding. I am impressed.

Recently Joe Gandleman wondered if certain bloggers are merely bullies with computers. Looking at Jason’s list of shame it seems that Joe’s question was a good one.

Certainly it is clear from the above comments that the interactive nature of blogs has provided a home and a voice to people whose opinions were better left in the gutter from whence they came.

It seems there is no respect for discussion and/or disagreement these days. Not so here. Though I despise John Paul Stevens’ ideologically motivated twisting of the Constitution, this web site will always give him – at a minimum – the courtesy of respecting his life and his right to it.

I understand Roberts has been released from the hospital. Let’s pray he makes a complete recovery. Judging from the drivel quoted above he’s needed far more than most Americans imagine.


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