May 20, 2024

Spacewalk – Cool!

You’d think that knowing men could do something as freaking cool as this would this whole religious war thing in its proper perspective, wouldn’t you?



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One thought on “Spacewalk – Cool!

  1. Yep, it is sort of pathetic that a large percentage of mankind would be so gulliable as to be sucked into the flaming retoric of radical leaders of any sort. I guess in the end it boils down to education and rational use of the brain nature provided. Some use it and some abuse it.

    I always did like the concept of space exploration as it challenges man’s inginuity, requires cotinual re-education, uses little resources and in the long run will acheive the next level of development for humankind. Too bad they cut it off to fuel war, social backwardness and just plain greed.

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