April 13, 2024

Turnabout is Fair Play

Prairie View A&M, a Texas college primarily attended by black students, is feeling the pain of integration.

I have to laugh at this section:

As more white and Hispanic students are attending Prairie View A&M, reflecting a trend at the nation’s 120 historically black colleges and universities, there is a sense that the land-grant institution is changing its identity.

“Basically, we’ve lost our soul,” said Hendrik Maison, who served as student body president for two years before graduating last December. “It’s not a black institution anymore. It’s an institution with a lot of black people.”

Cry me a river, pal, and welcome to the world of equality. Like it? I thought not…

What exactly is wrong with the idea of different groups of people having their own institutions? Socialistic concerns aside, we are all different, with unique interests. Homogenization sterilizes, sometimes more than it should.


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2 thoughts on “Turnabout is Fair Play

  1. There is something pure about aparthid. Take a look at Kentucky mountain people – they keep to themselves. So do natives in Brazil (at least they want to now that they have been discovered byt the world). So do most people since they feel most comfortable with people they share a socio-economic bond. I have never viewed “apartness” a problem until it is institutionalized and enforced by governmental agencies. Being the smallest minority, a WASP male, I take comfort in the company of other souls who have lost their identity and new members are always welcome.

  2. Let’s take the men at Augusta National as an example. If a group of men want to have a golf club with no female members, what is wrong with that? Answer: nothing. The would-be interlopers are wrong by any logical definition of the term, not the club members.

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