April 13, 2024

Geert Wilders Denied Entry into Britain

Geert Wilders: Dutch politician Geert Wilders lands at Heathrow despite ban over anti-Islam views

Geert Wilders, current member of the Dutch parliament and the producer of the short film Fitna that is reviled by many Muslims, has been denied entry into Great Britain after defying a warning that this would be the case.  Wilders plane touched down at Heathrow at around 2 PM local time and was immediately "marched into a side room in the main Terminal One building" by border guards.  Wilders had been forewarned of the welcome he could plan to receive by Home Secretary Jacqui Smith and will be sent back to The Netherlands on an undisclosed flight, likely this very day.

Wilders had this to say: 

"I was very surprised and very saddened that the freedom of speech that I believe was a very strong point in UK society is being harassed today."

That’s understandable.  I imagine generations of British leaders rolling over in their graves at the "weak and cowardly" spectacle, as Wilders himself called it, of the British government barring a national figure from an allied country in order to appease the Muslim population of their own country.

Geert Wilders is not easy to take, true.  But he is not part of the biggest problem in the world today, radical Islam.  Fitna created some controversy before its release but the truth is that there was neither anything new or demonstrably false in its content.  Stridently anti-Islam, Wilders nonetheless professes not to hate Muslims themselves but rather the philosophy that lies behind most of the world’s terrorism.

While every sovereign nation should have the final say in who crosses into its territory, in my view Britain’s actions are in fact quite revelatory of its lack of moral courage, the absence of which has been clearly demonstrated on numerous occasions, including a recent near-riot in which police refused to confront violent Muslim protesters marauding through the streets of London.

It’s a sad day for a once-great nation when it takes an MP from another country to demonstrate what leadership and courage are.

Where is Britain’s new Winston Churchill?  Or Margaret Thatcher, for that matter? 


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