May 30, 2024

Facebook Fumbles by Terminating Pro-Israel User

Robert Spencer reports that Facebook has cut off Todd Snider’s account after his pro-Israel Facebook page was hacked and vandalized by “Lebanese Shee’a Hackers” who left threats against Facebook’s system admins on Snider’s ruined page.

Caving in to people like these is not a good idea.  Unfortunately that’s exactly what Facebook has done.  By cutting Snider off they’ve allowed the radicals to gain another victory.  This may seem like a small thing, but a death by 10,000 cuts is still a death.


Facebook’s outrageous action is not only an assault on free speech and internet freedom and a breach of its own social networking protocols, but also appeasement of a group of hackers who have invaded Facebook’s space and who openly avow their support for the jihad terrorist group Hizballah.

We therefore urge all Facebook members who oppose Islamist terror and internet censorship to contact the site administrators through the Facebook contact form, and all others to join us in protesting against Facebook’s outrageous behavior by writing to

Not cool.  We should all should tell Facebook honcho Mark Zuckerberg that his people screwed this one up.


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