June 18, 2024

Texas Executes Child Killer

The world is just that much better off tonight, I say, holding my thumb and index finger about a half-centimeter apart, now that Carlos Granados is no longer in it.

In their usual fashion, the Houston Chronicle implies that this act is somehow wrong by using phraseology such as:

  • “the nation’s busiest capital punishment state”
  • “where 24 convicted killers were put to death last year”
  • “more than a dozen already are scheduled to die in 2007”
  • “Four more executions are set for this month”

Evidently we’re supposed to feel some personal guilt for Mr. Granados’ execution, as if our failure to elect politicians who would have spared his life is somehow responsible for his execution. What malarkey.

Although he murdered a defenseless 3 year old, Carlos wasn’t able to do in the boy’s mother, his lover. So his crime wasn’t quite as heinous as it could have been and the question of his guilt was never in doubt because she survived.

Her opinion matters so much more than that of the AP or the Chronicle that they may as well be ants beside mountains for all the validity of their sanctimony. Says the woman who was stabbed 27 times by the murderer:

“With everything coming up and all the emotions, the varied emotions, sometimes you try to put things away, especially the hurtful things — the screams, the last moments.”

“And right now, all of it has come up again and it’s brought a lot of those emotions back — the anger, the why, the what-if.”

“Do I want the courts to stop it? Absolutely not. It needs to happen.”

What else is there to say?


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