December 3, 2023

Twitter Updates for 2009-08-01

  • Another jury of idiots orders college student to pay 675K for downloading music. Where do they find these people? #
  • Glen Greenwald whines that leashing Olbermann was "slimy" but it's past time KO's hatred on the airwaves was blunted. #
  • Marisol: The…goal of jihad is to impose Sharia, and…that draws jihadist participation to…localized conflicts #
  • McCain on Palin: "To…the feminists, she is their worst nightmare." That's b/c she rejects and disproves their shtick #
  • Think the Taliban can be part of the government in Afghanistan? Think again. Killing election security precludes that. #
  • Iran to prosecute protesters – persecute would be a better word – for the heresy of wanting to be free of Khameini et al #
  • Not buying cash-for-clunkers as economic policy. It's not organic. A spike in demand now will leave a trough later. #

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