July 18, 2024

Comment to Matt Yglesias

I left this comment on Matt Yglesias’ snarky post which said, per the standard liberal playbook, that this year’s anti-tax tea parties are all about racism:

“your basic tea party crowd isn’t the sort of crowd in which a Confederate flag is unwelcome”

Matt, tell the black lady who headed up our communities’ tea part all about your accusations of racism at the core of the resistance to Obama. I’d pay to watch her laugh at you.

I quote her: “We’ve got African-Americans in this country. I just dropped the African because that’s what I am. That’s what we all are.”

That, my friend, is rational, inclusive thinking of the sort that liberals would be well-advised to attempt to undertake.

Should be fun to watch his readers come unglued in response. 

Nevertheless, there was something truly inspiring about watching this black, American lady (whose name escapes me at the moment) get up on stage and make this statement.  I wish that Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton had been there to witness her putting them to shame.


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