May 20, 2024

Texas A&M In the News Again

Read a scathing commentary on the direction of our fine school.

Given the de-emphasis on Aggie traditions in recent years, it’s hard not to see the accuracy of this statement. I think it is fair to say that few Aggies are interested in bringing so-called politically correct values to campus.

At the same time, it is equally fair to say that the social agenda of the neo-socialist left would love to see the traditional, conservative value system of A&M transformed into something more to their liking.

Mr. McCaig makes an excellent point in reference to A&M’s recent decision to disband its journalism program while still managing to fund an entire department for the purpose of fostering multi-cultural inclusionism on campus.

I would remind Dr. Gates that his mission is to educate the students of Texas A&M, not to fulfill a socio-political agenda of any sort, let alone one which undermines the very traditions and purposes for which the institution he has the privilege of leading was founded.

Growth is only a positive change if the expansion is consistent with the core values of the organization. Random, non-contributory transformation has another name – cancer – and is something most properly excised from its host.


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One thought on “Texas A&M In the News Again

  1. This entry made the Chronicle”s Viewpoints section.

    Judging from the pathetic drivel from other former students and a current professor that was also included, I seem hold the minority opinion. Like Richard Nixon, though, a “silent majority” believe as I do!

    Maybe that’s not a good sign…

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