April 23, 2024

Texas A&M in the News

First, the bad news: the lawsuit against the school is back on in the case of the bonfire collapse.

The thing that gets me about this case is this: what would the kids who were killed want to have happen? I doubt seriously if they would see the years of legal wrangling as the right thing.

For me, the simple fact of the matter is that bad things happen. Sometimes it’s someone’s fault and sometimes you’re doing something inherently risky when it catches up to you. Personally, I think the A&M bonfire is a bad idea. That’s why I never participanted. However, if people want to do it, and they do, then they should. What’s more, the school should stand behind its traditions rather than bowing to external pressure.

Second, the administration still seems intent on killing the journalism department.

As a former Aggie, this is a complete embarrassment, even more so than the recent turn away from long-standing traditions such as the bonfire.

There seems to be plenty of money at A&M to hire a very expensive football coach and drive a massive expansion of the campus infrastructure, but not enough to run its programs. It is nothing short of galling for the university where I sweated it out for years to behave in such a disgraceful manner.



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