April 13, 2024

RE: Aggie journalists won’t go down `without a fight’

If the journalism department at Texas A&M is eliminated, as recommended by Liberal Arts Dean Charles Johnson, it would be a great loss to the university, its students, and the country at large.

A&M is a rare bastion of relative conservatism in the world of academia and as such no doubt contributes greatly to a balanced world view as reported by the media, a world view that it bears mentioning is in need of balancing.

As a former student of this great Texas university, I find it disgraceful that my alma mater would discontinue a valuable program in the name of “fiscal necessity”. I do not accept that the A&M system is so hard-pressed as to require this draconian measure. Should I be mistaken about the degree of the school’s financial distress, I would submit that there are undoubtedly better methods of budget trimming that eliminating educational programs.

I urge all Aggies of good conscience to make their views known to the administration of our school on this matter. Recent years have seen far too many changes in long-standing traditions at TAMU and in this case, as in others, the administration is in error if it thinks it is taking the optimal course of action.


Marc is a software developer, writer, and part-time political know-it-all who currently resides in Texas in the good ol' U.S.A.

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2 thoughts on “RE: Aggie journalists won’t go down `without a fight’

  1. My response to A&M shutting down its journalism department made the Battalion, at least, if not the Houston Chronicle.

  2. marc, I presume.

    I have a very good friend who was Class of ’78 if memory serves. At any rate, even though his father was Dean of Petrochemical Engineering for some years, he recently waged war with this same administration that you are calling on the carpet. As an outsider looking in, I can only attest to that which I have witnessed in his case, which is the probably still ongoing battle to move the railroad away from the school for “the good of all”.

    Check out the OLD, STAGNANT http://www.railroaded.org to learn more about John Whiting’s fight with TAMU and Union Pacific a few years back.

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