May 20, 2024

Little Green Footballs Take Bad Bounces

Charles Johnson, proprietor of Little Green Footballs, is someone who used to make some sense, particularly with regard to the dangers of Islam. Sadly he’s recently dropped the ball and is now running like a headless chicken toward the wrong end zone, all the while shouting, “I’ve left the right! I’ve left the right!”

Johnson’s latest anti-Republican hit job is on Gov. Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota who, Johnson says, is anti-science and anti-gay.  Why? Because he believes in a Creator, that traditional marriage deserves its elevated position in society, and that local communities should have the right to define their own standards.

The horror! The horror! By denouncing Pawlenty, the erstwhile Johnson embraces the snake oil salesmanship of the radical left, a disassociative splinter group whose credo is “If it feels good, do it – unless it’s something we tell you not to do.” And Johnson has the brassies to comment on Tim Pawlenty’s “cognitive dissonance”? Sounds to me like it’s time to break out the lithium, ’cause Chaz’s head is about to explode from the internal shock waves.

Listen, if you want to believe that the trillions of stars in the universe, all of their surrounding planets, and all the rest of the incredible stellar phenomena that are known to exist sprang into existence without the organization and planning of an amazing mind, I say fine, believe what you want. But it’s a ridiculous argument on the face of it.

How can such a claim be made, you ask? Occam’s Razor clearly points to the origins of the universe being a planned, highly-controlled event. That’s simple logic. When compared with random chance, there’s no comparison. So am I anti-science?

Though Charles Johnson would undoubtedly say otherwise, that’s hardly the case, for I believe that true science can explain every mystery in the universe. I also believe that mankind will never reach the level of understanding required to answer the fundamental questions that we have about the world around us. But that doesn’t make me anti-science, merely realistic.


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