April 12, 2024


One’s perspective is all-important in forming opinions.  It also defines how one will express those opinions.  This observation is nothing new – I’ve made it before yet failed to fully integrate it into my life and writing.

But there are moments of clarity in which one sees things are they are – or perhaps as they could and ought to be.  A Newsboys concert recently made me realize that two of my personal duties are:

  1. To defend not only my own home but my county, state, and America
  2. To make the U.S. a better, safer place to live and a stronger, more cohesive society

Duh.  That’s just basic high school civics.  I guess I’m not too bright – the lesson didn’t sink in until now.

Black Shards is one way that I can make a difference.  In a halting, half-blind way I’ve always known that was what I wanted for this blog.  But my lack of perspective kept me from bringing that goal into focus.  No longer.  A target seen is one that can be hit.  I plan to aim now.

So how does this impact my previous posts and positions?  It doesn’t.  I stand by everything I’ve posted here.  My positions re Bush, liberals, the “war on terror”, Iraq, illegal immigration, abortion, the death penalty, and education remain unchanged.

What will be different?  Morals, ethics, knowledge, and reasoning are the tools I use in my work here.  The Newsboys epiphany isn’t about altering any of them; it’s about purposefully combining them with language to create a weapon.  A war is being fought on multiple fronts and the right words can be used in the fight to achieve the best possibly outcome for my family and America.  The realization is knowing that it’s my duty to do so.

That much has been achieved.  As for the rest, time will tell.


Marc is a software developer, writer, and part-time political know-it-all who currently resides in Texas in the good ol' U.S.A.

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