May 22, 2024

Obama’s Smarmy Wit to Counteract Voter Anger?

I admit it: watching President Obama joke that the earth hadn’t broken in two as a result of DemCare being passed made me mad, even madder than I was when it was simply Democrats ramming another plank of their neo-socialist agenda down the throats of the American people, ignoring their cries for mercy as they did so.

Is the president’s smarmy wit supposed to counteract a voter revolt? If so, there is a core of conservative and libertarian voters who it will only serve to galvanize against the superior tone of this smooth-talking bully.

No, Mr. Obama, the world did not stop turning the day you sold the American people another unhealthy dose of snake oil in the form of DemCare’s weak, misdirected medical reform. Then again, there are stories of travelers to tropical regions who went to bed happy and healthy and slept the night away, blissfully unaware that a python slipped into bed with then and proceeded to do its thing, crushing the unwitting sleeper in his or her sleep. When the victim finally wakes up dead, as they say, it’s far too late to rectify the situation.

That’s the unspoken counterpoint to the president’s gloating humor: He and his ideological supporters have looped another coil around the necks of the American people and we are that much closer to succumbing to the asphyxiating hold that big spending, big government has around our economic and financial vitals.

Obama sympathizer Frank Rich, himself a practiced peddler of east coast post-modern vitriol, wrote that the tidal wave of voter unrest that may, we pray, hold together through November and sweep Democrats out to sea and, God willing, into real employment, is not caused by the health care bill alone.

Now, it must be said that Mr. Rich doesn’t get it right very often. Nor does he get it right in this case as he hurls one slanderous adjective after another at his fellow citizens. Racist. Homophobia. Murderous.

Here’s what the Barack Obama’s and the Frank Rich’s of the world never seem to be able to accept: Not everyone is asleep. We see what liberals are doing and how their ever-increasing tax burden on American corporations have checked economic growth and reduced employment opportunities in this country. We feel the at-first-subtle hold their social agenda has taken over our culture and our society and are aware that their grip is inexorably tightening, crushing traditional American values even as liberals pretend to be all-inclusive. And we recognize that Democrats’ use of political power to steal wealth from those who have it to bestow largesse on their voter base, the have-nots, has deprived us of control over and the use of the fruits of our labor.

No, Mr. President, the world didn’t break apart the day you signed your little bill. But it may well have given way under the feet of your political foot soldiers in this dirty little war the liberal left is conducting to reshape America in their image. Come November we should be so lucky.


Marc is a software developer, writer, and part-time political know-it-all who currently resides in Texas in the good ol' U.S.A.

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