July 23, 2024

Virginia Tech

I was going to write about an unpleasant article I saw in the Houston Chronicle recently in which Harris Country prosecutors said that they’re seeing evidence of a dramatic increase in the number of juvenile criminals who attack their own parents. I do some theories about why that’s happening but I can’t discuss them now.
That’s because, upon opening what’s fast becoming the dreaded web browser, the first thing I saw was that 21 people, mostly students living in on-campus dorms, were murdered at Virginia Tech University this morning.

While I can’t help but wonder if the two issues are related in some way, the truth is that the impact of a homicidal rampage such as the one at VTU is just too much for me to intellectualize about why this country seems to be producing so many vile, perverted misanthropes at a time of when we’re enjoying virtually unequaled and unlimited prosperity. I can’t do it today. As much as I’d like to, as much as it’s needed, I cannot.

Instead, let me leave only this bit of wisdom for any homicidal maniacs in the audience.

If you’re hearing voices in your head or your dog or your god or your television is telling you to pick up the AK-47 that your uncle back to the states, strap on your black market Kevlar vest, and drive down to the local school, grocery store, post office, or office building and start wasting people, don’t.



Stop, read, and think. Your evil twin/dog/god/telly is wrong and quite possibly insane. Don’t do it. Stick the AK in your mouth and jam that trigger down if you want to. But don’t leave the house. You’re not fit to do so.


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