May 21, 2024

Assimilating Islam

I recently wrote about the need for foreign nationals to assimilate when they make the U.S. their home.  In the light of the horror perpetrated by a foreign student at Virginia Tech University this week I think that the need for assimilation is more obvious than ever.

Sadly, there is no indication that Muslims are willing to participate in American society the way that the rest of us need them to.  Judging from the demands they have been making for seperate and “more equal” treatment in American courtrooms, taxi cabs, and classrooms they have no interest in the American melting pot. 

Today’s post at Atlas Shrugs includes a long exerpt from a great article by Katherine Kersten about Muslim demands for special treatment at American universities.  Here’s a short snippet that I think delivers the point quite succinctly:

The [ed: Muslim Accommodations Task Force] task force’s eventual objectives on American campuses include the following, according to the website: permanent Muslim prayer spaces, ritual washing facilities, separate food and housing for Muslim students, separate hours at athletic facilities for Muslim women, paid imams or religious counselors, and campus observance of Muslim holidays. The task force is already hailing “pioneering” successes. At Syracuse University in New York, for example, “Eid al Fitr is now an official university holiday,” says an article featured on the website. “The entire university campus shuts down to mark the end of Ramadan.”

This does not sound like assimilation to me.  Nor does it sound like the MATF’s goals and objectives are aligned with traditional American collegiate experiences such as meeting people of different backgrounds, discussing ideas from new perspectives, and learning how to be a self-actualized human being.

Another bit clipped from Kertsen’s article explains this fully. 

[ed: For Muslim students], “learning to live with ‘different kinds of people’ ” actually “causes more harm than good” for Muslims, because it requires them to live in an environment that “distracts them from their desire to become better Muslims, and even draw[s] weaker Muslims away from Islam.”

I am certain that this perspective is true – experience with a better way of life often causes people to abandon old, inferior ways of living.  It’s called maturation in some circles, growth in others, and assimilation here at Black Shards.  Whatever name it goes by, experiencing life and determining one’s own philosophy is a good thing for people to do and is perhaps the most important part of being a young person in America.

For this and other reasons I do not believe that it’s acceptable for Muslims to be allowed to segregate themselves within the framework of public institutions. 

Specifically in regard to higher education, I see no accomodations being made for Christian, Jewish, Hindu, or Buddhist students on campus.  Muslims are no more deserving of special treatment than these groups, even if they are louder about demanding special privileges.  On the basis of equal treatment their demands should be ignored.

Equal treatment is the least of it, however.  American laws and customs apply to Muslims just as they do to every other group of citizens.  Muslims must accept this fact of life, bow to it, and, to the great extent to which America and Islam are incompatible, live their lives as Americans first and Muslims second. 

There can be no reverse Jim Crow laws passed to create a shadow society for Muslims in America. 

On a related note, a new post at American Future discusses some utterly laughable social programming that the politically correct would like to foist on the citizens of Scotland.  As reported by the UK Times:

PUPILS and teachers have been told by an official body not to stare at Muslims for fear of causing offence.

A document intended to educate against religious intolerance and sectarianism urges teachers to “make pupils aware of the various forms of Islamophobia, ie stares, verbal abuse, physical abuse”.

The document states: “Some Muslims may choose to wear clothing or display their faith in a way that makes them visible. For example, women may be wearing a headscarf, and men might be wearing a skullcap. Staring or looking is a form of discrimination as it makes the other person feel uncomfortable, or as though they are not normal.”

Exactly how one polices that sort of “policy” I do not understand.  Wise law makers know enough not to create rules that are inevitably going to be broken.  In the AF post Marc Schulman says this:

I’m imagining cameras in classrooms recording the eye movements of every student (and, using advanced technology, determining who’s being looked at) and charges being filed against non-Muslims who look at Muslims longer than is acceptable. Presumably, there would be no restrictions on how long Muslims could stare at other Muslims and non-Muslims at other non-Muslims.

The “no staring” policy is insipid foolishness at its worst.  If Muslims intend to live in the West then they must adapt to our way of life, not the other way around.  They must become Europeans or Americans and accept our laws. 

To state matters simply, there can be no accomodation of either cultural seperatism or Sharia law in the American legal system. 

Sharia is not – and should not be – acceptable to Americans or to the American way of life.  Sadly, some Muslims may turn to violence – as advocated by their faith’s fundamental writings – if they are not allowed to have their way.  For some of their number, this is a goal in itself: the creation of a victimization mentality and the resulting rally of righteous fury.

I believe that the time is upon all Americans to choose sides in a cultural battle that has been going on 5 times longer than our nation has existed.  The enemy is among us, I’m afraid, and is corrupting the institutions on which American life is built.

We cannot allow this to happen.  Cries of discrimination will no doubt emanate from the Muslim and liberal lobbies every time Americans stand up for their customs, laws, and institutions and refuse to give in to the demands of the intractable aliens among us.

Some of these decisions and the resulting backlash may prove painful or even tragic.  This is to be expected.  In a battle for survival, losses are inevitable, if no less disheartening.  We must be resolute if we want our grandchildren to live in an America like the one we enjoy today.  We must not delay in beginning to defend her.


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