June 18, 2024


This isn’t normally the kind of thing that I write about here, but last night I had the privilege of praying over Donna, the sister of a good friend of mine, with a group of friends from our church.

Donna was recently diagnosed with cancer and is undergoing massive chemo treatments even now. It’s become hard for her to work because of the chemicals involved – not really my area of expertise – and she’s starting to run a little low on funds.

We’ll all be helping her out financially and in other ways, too, as best we can. But there’s not that many resources in small-town Texas.

So…I’d like to ask for your help as well. If you can and want to help you can donate $$$ to Donna using this sub-site. I’ll be adding a longer-lasting link to the donation site in my sidebar here in the next couple of days.

Personally, I’d like to say that last night’s experience brought back to me just how much every good person matters to the people around them, how fragile that goodness is, and how we need to keep our faith in what we believe strong.

I am not going to shoot off on one of my rants about other social systems. But we all know that one bad person can undo the good works of 100. Therefore, it’s correspondingly important that we do good whenever we can, because the other side is working hard to tear down what we build.

When I hugged Donna afterward it hit me hard that this woman, who is so thin and already looking pretty pale, is going to have really hard times ahead. I felt like there was nothing I could do to help and it was heartbreaking.

I woke up this morning with this idea.

I hope you’ll see fit to help Donna out. She is a good person with a son at home to take care of and both of them could use our assistance, probably more than we know.




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