July 23, 2024

Houston Tea Party Audio

The following are the audio recordings I made during the Houston tea party.  They’re listed in the order in which they occurred the night of the event.

Note that not every speaker was captured in full, so there may be gaps in the audio record.

I particularly recommend Peter Batura and John O’Neill as both men were excellent, engaging, and knowledgeable speakers.

Brigitte Laki, part 1

Brigitte Laki, part 2

George Hernandez

Peter Batura, part 1

Peter Batura, part 2

Peter Batura, part 3

John O’Neill, part 1

John O’Neill, part 2

John O’Neill, part 3

Christopher Scott, part 1

Christopher Scott, part 2

Christopher Scott, part 3

Bill Tofte, part 1

Bill Tofte, part 2

Bill Tofte, part 3

Murphy Klasing

Ben Streusand


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