April 24, 2024

Hang in there, Mr. Singh

Apparently Vijay Singh isn’t going to hear the last of Annika Sorenstam for some time. Certainly not if John Lopez has anything to say about it.

Let me say it again: Vijay Singh would be an American hero, if only he were American. But I don’t hold that against him, not if he’s going to take on the nauseatingly politically correct crowd that dominates modern life.

Mr. Lopez’s editorial is just the sort of pathetic pap that makes one ashamed to have him representing the city that one lives in. The irony of this is that he gets it right at the beginning of his obsequious rant when he says “We probably all would have let it go, already”. Good idea, John. You should take your own advice.

In a society where a private golf club has to fight a bloody media battle to retain control over its membership list and a man has to look both ways before telling a joke, Vijah’s stance for the integrity of the PGA tour is something to be admired, not villified.


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