April 13, 2024

Women Demand Augusta Accept Them

Martha Burk and the National Council of Women’s Organizations have declared war on an the males-only Augusta National Golf Club. Read Ron Borges’ commentary on MSNBC.com.

What right does Burk have to lead this boycott? The right of an American exercising freedom of speech. What reason does she have? Only that of a foolish destructionist. Who is she to speak for anyone? Someone lacking a meaningful viewpoint.

What’s nearly as bad is that Mr. Borges’ column is a pathetic sop to Burk and her NOW-related ilk everywhere.

We sincerely hope that Augusta stands firm in the media-whipped storm of women’s liberation-inspired drivel. It is, after all, their Constitutional right to choose with whom they associate.

An MSNBC.com poll supports our position:
Should Augusta National include women as members?
Yes; There’s no reason to discriminate – 22
No; It’s a private club — they can do what they want – 78%

* 21380 responses


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