May 29, 2024

Women at Augusta? No.

Let’s have some more whining about Augusta National not admitting female members, shall we? Here’s a particularly inane article by Frank Deford of Sports Illustrated. There are times when freedom of speech can be really annoying. Frank’s comments on the ineptitude of the U.S. and international olympic committees are over the top as well, but at least those have a reason behind them; there’s no such purpose here

It would be tragic if Augusta were to cave in to the demands of the women’s libbers. First and foremost, the rule of law is on the side of Augusta. Period. End of discussion. For rational Americans, that would be enough. A federal appeals court seems to agree.

However, even if the law were interpreted to the detriment of the golf club, they would still be morally correct to hold to their values. Contrary to the views of NOW, their female supporters and their male abettors, men have a legitimate, inalienable right to disassociate themselves from women at places and times of their choosing. Womens’ rights to do the same are sanctioned by the politically correct crowd. The hypocricy is amusing, at least.

As I have said before, I would prefer to see the members of Augusta National raze the club to the ground rather than bow to these vile femi-Nazis. Rock on, Mr. Johnson.


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