April 12, 2024

It looks like Trent Lott is going to be booted out as Senate majority leader over his remarks about Strom Thurmond having been a better presidental candidate than Harry Truman. Read the story on MSNBC.com

It’s hard to decide which is the greater national idiocy, Lott’s incredibly inane remarks or the disproportionate backlash they have generated.

In today’s ridiculously politically correct environment, even a schoolboy knows enough to keep opinions that might obliquely offend a minority person to himself. A Senator should be well aware of the consequences of a white male voicing such sentiments, regardless of the fact that black and Hispanic persons may do so with impunity.

That is the greater issue here. Why is it acceptable for minority leaders to pursue blatantly racist agendas while whites are forced to toe the line of shame over events long buried in the annals of history?


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