April 18, 2024

Police Convicted in Kmart Arrests

The Houston police scandal that bloomed as a result of the mass arrest of approximately 300 people loitering around a Kmart store has resulted in two convictions of police officers.  Read the story in the Houston Chronicle..

Obviously it was stupid. But was it really wrong? Here are the present results of the Chronicle poll.

Were the Aug. 17-18 arrests at the Westheimer Kmart justified?

  • It needed to be done: 15%
  • It was a well-intentioned mistake: 19%
  • It was an outrage: 66%

If by outrage, poll takers mean “stupid”, then yes, the action was outrageous. But it’s hardly a case of police busting heads. Slap the fools behind it on the wrist and let’s move on.


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