July 23, 2024

Trent Lott: How Could You?

Trent Lott’s foolish remarks gushing his support for Strom Thurmond are generating calls for his scalp. Predictably, these come from minority group. Read the N.Y. Times story.

Trent, Trent, how could you be so stupid? Above all people, a U.S. senator should know that it is acceptable for minorities to criticize whites and pursue racist polices, but not the other way around. It’s like watching Newt Gingrich self-destruct all over again.

As for those who howl for Mr. Lott’s scalp, including local gal Sheila Jackson-Lee: examine your own motives for rabble-rousing, then let the voters of Mississippi decide who is fit to represent them.

In the words of J. C. Watts of Oklahoma, “We should not trivialize the issue of race for political gain.”

That’s right.


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