April 24, 2024

College Footbal BCS a Good Thing

We like the NCAA college football Bowl Championship series. Mike Celizic of MSNBC.com doesn’t.

Who’s right? It doesn’t matter. It’s a question of fun versus order, unpredictability versus defined outcome. We think the BCS makes college football more interesting and gives college football fans something to talk about. Every game means something.

In then end, college football is just a game. And it’s not even played by real students most of the time. At least it should be fun for the fans.

I normally listen to Frank Deford on NPR gripe about the sorry state of college sports with a smile. Today, Frank disappointed me. He’s actually in favor of a college football playoff system.

What a bore. Why turn NCAA football into the NFL, or heaven forbid, a clone of the tedious Major League Baseball playoffs?

Half of the fun of college sports is the bickering over the ranking systems and the endless debates over who gets to play in what bowl game. Now, if Deford can figure out how to cram a playoff series entirely into New Year’s Day, then I might listen.


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