June 16, 2024

Troop Levels in Iraq

Michael Gordon’s interview is a must-hear.  The summary?  We need more troops on the ground and we’ll be there for years if we don’t do something irresponsible like bolt in a Democratic panic.

Recent events like the daylight kidnapping of Ministry of Higher Ed employees demonstrate the scarcity and competency of police resources.  Most or all of these victims were released unharmed, but that’s an anomaly.  It’s also no coincidence that educators are being targeted. Knowledge equals a rejection of the Islamist creed and that can’t be allowed.

Sadly, the Iraqi army isn’t going to keep the peace any time soon.

Joe Klein says that in last week’s election, “Not only did the Democrats lay a robust whupping on the Republicans in the midterm elections, but — far worse — the president was forced into a tacit acknowledgment that the defining policy of his administration, the war in Iraq, was failing.”

That’s true.  But it doesn’t mean we’re going anywhere – we’re not, regardless of what the Dems say.  The responsibility is on them now and they’ll live up to it, like it or not.

One question is, what does that mean to military reservists?  These poor guys and gals are so screwed.  How many work for employers who aren’t paying them during their deployment?  And how many are being called back into service again (and again)?  Anyone know?

Even more important is what this will do to the volunteer army in the future, particularly in regards to the reserves.  Many of these soldiers signed up for peace-time work, not street fights in the new Beiruit.  Where are new reservists going to come from???


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