July 23, 2024

Would the World be Better Off…

…if the U.S. loses the war in Iraq?  Fox News asked that question of 900 registered voters and came up with what I think is a comforting result (pdf).


Of particular note is the Fox headline, which screams that almost 20% of Democrats answered “Yes” to the question. 

Sure, it’s bad that almost 1 in 5 Democratic voters are deluding themselves.  But the glass is more than half full.  The good news is that over 80% of Democrats are smart enough to recognize the truth when they read it in the form of a binary question. 

That’s more than I would have expected.  It hurts, but I guess I have to admit that they’re brighter than I thought. 

The poll is also another indication that the strength of the radical progressive strain in the Democratic ranks is significantly overstated, particularly the ultra-liberal web sites.

All in all, very good news.


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