April 24, 2024

Bad Bonfire Bull

Yet another lawsuit has been filed in the fatal case of the Aggie bonfire collapse. Read it in the Houston Chronicle.

This looks to be a meaningless, even frivolous case. It is past time for this issue dropped. Here are the facts: people of legal age wanted to build a stack of logs, so they did. An extensive number of non-causal factors combined to make the pile fall. 11 adults were killed. Tragic, yes. Negligence? Prove it. Can’t be done.

Another fact: if those killed could speak, they would undoubtedly abhor these lawsuits to a person. They would be ashamed of their families for trying to extract money from the university they loved.

One final fact: building large piles of logs is dangerous. I knew it when I went to A&M, that’s why I never worked on the bonfire. Those killed and injured knew it, too. They chose to act, to try and build something that had meaning to them. Why not leave it at that?


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