May 29, 2024

Election Night

Donkeys Have No Brooms
Looks like the Democratic Sweep isn’t going to happen, not like so many of the lefties wanted.  I don’t think they’ll have a majority in the Senate and their margin in the house will thin, if even that comes to fruition.  Is this the voice of moderate America gently rebuking the Pubs, as Polimom suggested in advance, but not being willing to go back to the liberal left?  I hope so.

Arizona in the Spotlight
Is their state government defective?  Why else would a state have 4 voter-sponsored initiatives to deal with illegal immigration?  Well, this could be a dysfunctional federal government that has failed miserably at the few feeble attempts they’ve made to deal with the issue.

Happily, a measure that would make English the state’s official language has passed, according to CNN projections.  This should be a no-brainer.  English is the unofficial language of this country and should be the only one that tax dollars fund the education of in public schools.

Not everyone agrees, obviously:

English is the most syncretic, viral, and fastest growing language on the planet. Does it really need legal protection: like French?

Fucking morons. Language is an organic and iterative cultural tool of human communities and a natural human proclivity, it is not subject to, nor will it be controlled by legislative fiats. The problem with electing a parliament of magical-thinking religionistas is that they think they can control the real world by wishing things were so and then writing them down in the form of legislation and voting on them. Classic delusional behavior; don’t buy into it.

Not surprisingly this clown is:

  • Against Arizona’s referendum to “preserve ‘marriage’ as only consisting of the union of one man and one woman, and prohibits creating or recognizing any legal status for unmarried persons that is similar to that of marriage.”
  • For the idiotic notion of bribing voters to go to the polls.  I won’t waste any more keystrokes on this garbage.

I hope the pro-hetro marriage issue passes, too – not because I necessarily feel the need for queers to pay higher taxes or have trouble with willing property to each other, but because it’s too short and too slippery a slope from civil unions to marriages.

Gay activists already acknowledge this when they refuse to accept civil unions as a reasonable compromise.  “We didn’t do all this to go down to city hall to be ‘civil unioned’!”  Some of them cry.  And that’s exactly why the “similar to that of marriage” language of the Arizona measure is important.

War is Bad
Rick Santorum, once the Senate’s third-ranking Republican, undoubtedly thinks so now after having his ass handed to him over the issue.

What I’m not seeing in the news is anything about the “how” of the Iraq war, as in the untruths that were told back in 2002.  Either we’ve forgotten those “little issues” or we’re a very mature people who are looking ahead and seeking good solutions.

Gee, I wonder which one it is?

Go, Joe!
Joe Lieberman’s re-won his race in Connecticut and I love it!  Democrats really showed their true colors when they turned on Lieberman in the primaries.  They showed no class whatsoever and it’s come back on them now.

Hopefully he’ll remember how they treated him when it comes time to huddle in the Senate next year.

I guess I just like a guy who’s willing, at least part of the time, to tell the Party to piss up a rope.  Go, Joe!!


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