July 18, 2024

Unity08 Candidate Rankings

Unity08, an attempt to influence the presidential nominating process on-line, has published a new set of results. A few of the slides caught my interest. First, the slide that ranks the presidential candidates (at the time):


Unity voters are nonplussed by the field, that’s for sure. Obama garnered a distinct preference, which leads me to believe that Unity’s participants are those who lean toward “outsiders”.

Yet the slide ranking the importance of various issues contradicts that notion:


Given this I see no reason for Obama to rank at the top of the previous list. The opposite, if anything.

I’ve seen a lot of interest in Unity on the web but I found it interesting that their survey drew < 20,000 participants (although < 3000 results were published on-line.  Strange.) Not an insignificant number but hardly an-on-line revolution. Another interesting slide is the participant demographic slide. image

Older, wealthier, better educated, and more male than average. On the whole, it seems to me that Unity08 is not a particularly interesting movement in regard to the larger population or the election process as a whole.

I’m disappointed on all counts, personally. I’d hoped for more.

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